How well do you know your team?

Serving your team starts with Serve Insight. Gain knowledge about what is and isn't working on a frequent basis by sending configurable weekly surveys to your team members. Share wins, struggles, and praise.

Increased Awareness

Managers will be more aware what challenges and victories their reports are facing. Team members can have more visibility into how others on the team are feeling.

Higher Satisfaction

Shoutouts allow a team to give credit and recognition. Recognizing good things as they happen increases satisfaction and fulfillment on a team.

Clear Information Flow

Managers pass up important answers to their manager. This means the CEO reads answers that have gone through a natural filter.

Serve Insight on a team

Employees take quick surveys

Employees answer short surveys, weekly or bi-weekly, that your company sets up. These surveys are aimed at uncovering feeling normally glossed over in the week.

Managers review employee Insights

Managers review their direct reports Insights and provide feedback. This feedback is crucial for the development of the employee-manager relationship.

Managers passup valuable answers

Managers passup answers, goals, or other Insights to their manager. This allows for a natural filter through an organization.